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Shame on the UK and the lack of protection and respect it gives it’s senior citizens

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Attack’s on the elderly and more lack of care stories are still being reported every day and week with little action being taken to protect the elderly or stamp it out. The debate about the right to die (or live) also continues but who actually agrees to the End of Life plan (which replaced the Liverpool Care Pathway) and is there really a discussion between the patient or family and the doctor or nurse? Let us know your story

As you know Mr Cameron resigned after losing the EU referendum not only do we have a new Prime Minister but also a new Health Minister at a time when more people are being charged with abuse of elderly patients in residential homes or hospitals we look forward to seeing what action they take to address this.  

Capping of care costs (for people who have paid 50 years plus in income tax) estimated to be £2 Billion it’s ‘unaffordable’ said the previous Government.  Yet the older generation saves this country £45 billion in child care, caring, volunteering, not to mention what they still pay in taxes including VAT, insurance, fuel duty etc.

The government we already know needs us, we can change things if we lobby and unite as one, lets not wait until parties are making promises close to any election, make them work now - the Grey Vote does indeed equal Grey Power.

One of the first things Theresa May did was guarantee the triple lock which is not a lot but with rising prices its better than nothing.  Does it go far enough lifting pensions out of poverty?  


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We have invited The Patients Voice to join with us in highlighting lack of care and abuse the elderly which they investigate and report on to the relevant bodies.  They have had good success at bringing failing residential homes to the attention of the authorities nationally.

General Election June 8th

There will be a lot of door knocking, rallies and media coverage in the coming weeks. We need to ask the question

How will you treat pensioners? Will you introduce legislation to make ‘care’ homes safe and punish those that abuse? Will you keep the triple lock, free bus passes the winter fuel allowance?

This vote is not about Brexit or reversing it. Brexit has been triggered, the people voted, we can’t keep voting till the government gets the result it wants.

ALL parties know that without the pensioners vote they cannot get elected so lets make our vote count.  Hold your candidates to account and make sure they know we are watching.